Given all that’s going on in the USA right now, I thought this would be a nice review to highlight the injustice covering black folk and other minorities in that country. This is the true life tragic story of a young Californian man, living in the Bay City area of San Francisco. His name is Oscar Julius Grant III and this film focuses around the final 24 hours before his life was shockingly cut short. I already knew this film would be difficult to watch because I actually remember when this event happened in early 2009. There was a massive uprising when this occurred but it was all swept under the carpet and I think I only managed to hear about it because I was browsing the internet. Unfortunately it’s not the first of it’s kind and fast forward a few years to the racist slaying of Trayvon Martin, the shooting of Tamir Rice to poor Eric Garner’s airway being blocked – there’s not much justice happening for black people in the American judicial system (which lets be honest is a shambles). Even Meek Mill is being used a pawn! The opening scene for this film is fantastic as it is heartbreaking when we see actual footage of the the events that took place in the early hours of  New years Day 2009 on the Bay Area Fruitvale Station train station platform.  White police officers stand over a group of black men who are handcuffed and sitting on the floor and we can see one who is actually laying face down on the floor. There’s plenty of cursing and shouting between the two groups and then the footage comes to an abrupt halt when the cinema rings out the chilling sound of a gunshot and then the opening credits roll. Coogler shows us what Oscar (Michael B. Jordan) does in a full day before he is murdered. We build a picture of an out-of-work small-time drug dealer and a cheating boyfriend, sometimes wired up and angry and sometimes gentle and sensitive. He is struggling to straighten himself out since being let out of jail for marijuana possession and wants to be a good to his young daughter Tatiana and partner to his girlfriend (Melonie Diaz).  We see the phenomenal adoration he has for his daughter and the warm love he has for his mother (Octavia Spencer). Although the scene with… View Post