I think it’s absolutely safe to say there is not a single human being on this planet, having reached adulthood that has not wished to go back into time. Whatever our reasons we have all been cursed with the everlasting punishment of not being able to to turn the clock back to change something that has happened in the past. I just finished watching an anime called “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” by Mamoru Hosoda. It tells the story of Makoto, a young girl who gains the ability to time leap after being involved in a freak accident while at school.  Naturally, she is the average teenager who is late for class, clumsy, forgetting her exam revisions and of course nervous about love. One thing I loved about this film is how empowering Makoto is around the men in her  class. She is a tomboy who loves nothing more than playing baseball and chilling with her two best friends who happen to be boys and so when she is surrounded by that emotion called love, she panics not knowing how to handle it. I want to briefly touch on the subject of time leaping. When the accident happens and Makoto ”dies” after fogetting that the brakes of her bike are faulty and she collides with a speeding train..everything in her life just stops. She finds herself awakened with a concussion discovers that she collided with a woman and her son instead (the same woman and child she sped past on her bike). The moment she realises she cheated death..she then starts to some what cheat life. That’s just it though, she cheats life! The very thing that she thinks she is gaining by fast forwarding and rewinding time for. It’s somewhat bittersweet as she sacrifices all the things she is supposed to learn from. She rewrites her past which only means she has no idea how to deal with the present, let alone her future. Blinded by only what she wants she put others in danger and only realises when it’s too late. This is why I  love Japanese anime! Unlike a Hollywood animation it doesn’t have an idealist ending. She doesn’t get the boy there and then but he promises to wait for her in the future. Through the opening scenes I was already a bit miffed as it kept on cutting from scene to credits and although it’s… View Post