Here’s something light for a Monday. ”Oh say can’t you see I’m coming to America”. This film is in my opinion one of Eddie Murphy’s finest, in fact I will go as far to say that it is in his top 5. This film was before he started dressing up as fat black women, landing on random planets and speaking to animals…I mean, when he was actually a very good comedian. Lets us rewind to his late 1980’s career. Roll on 1988 and the birth of the forever classic ‘Coming to America’. I must have been about 7 when I first watched this film. I just remember looking up at my mum and dad and they were in absolute hysterics. I also remember asking my mum where in Africa Zamunda was and she left me to figure that one out myself. You already know the film is going to make you laugh from when a beautiful woman is being commanded to ‘hope on one leg and make noises like an Orangutan’. The moment they touch down in the airport with their excessive Louis Vuitton luggage, the film enlightens us with fabulous characters, and this film being one of the first where Eddie Murphy plays multiple characters. In this film, Clarence the Barber  is my favourite character I will tell you 3 scenes that make my ribs burst, the one where Prince Akeem and Semi walk into ”My-T Sharp” and the crazy barber cuts off his princes lock and charges him $8. The scene where Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate are on stage singing  AND the scene where they walk into the bar and meet all the ladies who could be his potential Queen. My favourite line in the bar? ”Yeh baby, I’m almost single, my husbands on death row” LOLOLOLOLOL Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall have a great on-screen partnership. We see a fantastic  crazy cameo from Samuel L Jackson, a silent cameo from Cuba Gooding Jnr and Don Amechie/Ralph Bellamy being given life lines, it’s easy to see why this film is a big part of family comedy. The screenplay to this film is so carefully executed from the rose barers, to McDowells restaurant to the greasy stains left behind by The Jenks Family. This is one of the films I wish I had written so kudos to David Sheffield for doing such a fantastic job. The film has so so many memorable lines,… View Post